Futuristic Trike Tackles Roughest Terrains

Designed by Attila Tari, the Saddle is an equestrian inspired concept vehicle that combines futuristic looks with modern technology to create an electric trike that is capable of navigating all terrains. Aspiring to capture the mobility and connection to nature that comes along with horse riding, the Saddle seats its driver in a position that emulates being on horseback. The trike's three wheel are all independently controlled with swiveling technology that gives the trike ultimate mobility.Even the Saddle's throttle system is inspired from horseback riding. Modeled after horse reins, the throttle features two external hand throttles that control the front wheels while a separate middle throttle controls the rear wheel. This allows users to use one hand to steer and another to control acceleration, while giving plenty of room for different maneuvers such as complete circles.Although the Saddle is just a concept, we're fairly confident that it would provide loads of off-roading fun. Unfortunately no information was given on the specs of the vehicle so we can only imagine that it'll have plenty of 'horse' power.

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