Transformers Artist Opens Up Robot Theme Park

Contributing Writer

While Universal Studios Hollywood is preparing to open up its new Transformers ride, another Transformers attraction is being opened to the public on the other side of the planet. Located in China's Zhejiang Province, Jiaxing City, a Transformers-inspired 'theme park' was created by one of the franchise's biggest fans. 49-year-old artist Zhu Kefeng has spent over ten years working on a collection of over 600 robot sculptures.Using nothing but recycled iron and steel parts, Kefeng and his team have created hundreds of intricate Transformers-like sculptures. While they may not resemble the Autobots or Decepticons like this artist did, Kefeng's robot theme park is still an impressive sight. What started out as an abandoned old factory has now transformed into a popular attraction with an army of awesome robot sculptures.Called Mr. Iron Robot, this 0.9 square mile theme park features Transformers replica favorites such as Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megatron. In addition to the many Transformers-like robots, Kefang has also created a robot theme gallery that portrays the history of civilization ranging from the stone age to the modern 21st century.