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Tegra 2 Moto Olympus Coming December/January

It looks like someone on the AT&T social media team got a little trigger-happy and accidentally sent out word of availability for the as yet unannounced Motorola Olympus.

The Olympus, Motorola's upcoming Tegra 2-powered Android smartphone, was to be released in Q1 of 2011. However, now we hear that we might see it much sooner than that, and on AT&T no less!

According to a post on Boy Genius Report, an AT&T user recently inquired about the availability of the Olympus on the AT&T's Facebook page and was kindly informed that the device would be available in December or January.

The post has since been deleted but this is the internet so as long as someone's got their finger on the Print Screen button, there'll be evidence. Indeed, here it is, courtesy of BGR:

AT&T's official word on the deleted Facebook post is as follows:

"This response was posted erroneously. We don’t have any information to share about upcoming devices."

I'm sure we don't need to remind you that December starts tomorrow, but you know, December starts tomorrow.

Source: Boy Genius Report