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Financial Twitter, StockTwits Secures Funding

According to VentureBeat, the investors are Twitter-loving finance types who have become addicted to the service which gives users the chance to eavesdrop on traders and investors and contribute to conversations about stocks and investments.

The fact that StockTwits has managed to secure funding should come as no shock. Given the state of the economy, even those of us who have only dabbled in the stocks up until now are paying close attention to who’s dropping and who is on the rise.

Last month saw the launch of a Digg-like with a focus on finance. During these times of financial crisis, everyone is looking for ways to make money when no one has any cash to spend and offering consumers and business folk a way to keep up to date with the goings on on Wall Street. When Tip’d launched we figured it would be the most depressing site going. Financial news at the moment is usually pretty grim but for some reason we quite like the idea of StockTwit.

Not only does it bring together the regular folk who just dabble in the stocks, it also features some of the Wall Street wizards who are supposed to know a thing or two about buying and selling. This, coupled with Tip’d, might actually be quite useful.

Check out StockTwit here and let us know what you think.