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Modular Cubelets Let You Create Your Own Robots

We've seen a lot of big things at CES, huge even, but sometimes its the small things that amaze us the most. It's pretty much expected that we'd see a lot of new televisions, tablets and ultrabooks, so its always refreshing to see something a little new at CES. Created by Modular Robotics, the Cubelets showcased at CES were quite a treat.

One way to describe Cubelets would be to call them the evolved version of Legos, but even then these miniature robots are in a class of their own. They're marketed as a children's toy (ages 8+) but we can certainly imagine some creative adults having fun with these as well. Cubelets are a number of small multicolor cubes that each serve an individual purpose and can be snapped together to create an almost limitless combination of robots.

The blocks are classified into three major subcategories: action blocks, sense blocks and think/utility blocks. Some examples of action blocks are blocks with moving wheels, a flashlight, or a speaker. Sense blocks are cubes that respond to external factors such as brightness, temperature and touch. Think/utility blocks such as the battery or passive block are the ones that act according to connected cubes. 

The Cubelets are in a constant state of development since enthusiastic adults are constantly throwing new suggestions their way. One of which that the company is working on involves the ability for innovative users to reprogram their own blocks. With the current number of blocks that are available, there are already so many different combinations so it'll definitely be interesting to see where Cubelets are in a couple of years. For now, you can preorder your Cubelets in packages of 6 for $160, which will be shipped in a few months time.