EOL Robot Band Rocks Out to Marilyn Manson

Robotic technology never ceases to amaze us, but we can't forget about those lingering thoughts of a terrifying robotic apocalypse. Take this EOL Robot Band for example, perfectly capable of performing an impressive cover of Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People". Now if it were a cover of Justin Bieber we may feel a bit less threatened, but if robots are possibly capable of capturing the controversial madness that is Marilyn Manson, we might be in trouble.

This robotic masterpiece consists of a robotic cello, electric guitar, drummer and... a scanner. Who would've thought robots can be rock stars too? Check out the video to see the EOL Robot Band in action.

Robot Band

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  • bavman
    freaking amazing
  • itchyisvegeta
    That is one Mechanical Animal.
  • alidan
    what up with the guitar, it sounds like crap. other than that, awesome.