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PS3's HDD Upgrade Bigger than X360's

Buffalo Japan announced on Tuesday that it received the official Sony green light to manufacture two external hard drives for the PlayStation 3 console. This will be the first time Sony has granted a license to hard drive peripherals according to Andriasang. Unfortunately, the drives will be released in Japan next month, however this should open doors for Sony-certified external drives in North America.

The external HDDs will connect to the PlayStation 3 via a USB 2.0 port. The Piano Black HD-AV500U2/SC sits horizontally and features a meter on the front that displays the remaining space. The Black HD-CL500U2/SC stands vertically, and does not sport the storage space indicator. Both drives are pre-formatted in FAT32, allowing gamers to instantly plug in and back up the console's internal HDD.

Buffalo said that drives will be compatible with the upcoming PlayStation 3 DVR called "Torne." PlayStation 3 owners will be able to record and store their TV shows directly onto the external HDDs. Buffalo also added that the actual Torne device can support up to eight external HDDs, however only four HDDs can be connected simultaneously.

While PlayStation 3 owners can connect any external HDD to the PlayStation 3, Sony's magical touch on these two brands may indicate that the company may begin to limit 3rd party peripherals. There's also no indication that Sony has added any bonus features to the certified HDDs such as a free movie or a bonus game. We're betting we'll see Sony-certified external drives—and even a NA version of the Torne—sometime during E3 2010.

  • cagonzal
    What's the point of adding an external when you can just replace the hard drive?
  • nevertell
    Why aren't they using ext3 or even ext4 ? Heck of a lot better filesystems than the god damn fat32, not to mention the ntfs pathetic excuse for a filesystem.
  • climber
    cagonzalWhat's the point of adding an external when you can just replace the hard drive?
    Because right now you can't buy a 2TB hard drive that's 2.5" notebook format. I already have 1 TB drives connected to my PS3 to store backups of the PS3 as well as downloaded video content and screen grabs of games, pictures, all kinds of content I don't want cluttering up the main HD.
  • donaldduck
    nevertellWhy aren't they using ext3 or even ext4 ? Heck of a lot better filesystems than the god damn fat32, not to mention the ntfs pathetic excuse for a filesystem.Probably because the PS3 does not support the ext fs.
    While I agree that fat32 is quite outdated and unsafe and that it is about time that a new "universal" fs is implemented, ntfs is actually a quite good filesystem. Not perfect, but not bad at all.
  • kyzar
    Even as a heavy linux user, have to admit that NTFS isn't too bad at all, though ext3 (and certinaly ext4) are slightly better for the heavy lifting of servers.

    I didn't know there were plans to provide DVR on the PS3 - that would be real handy after I ditch Sky+ (everything I pay to watch is available on freeview...) once my year is up. Have to look into that, especially if it could record to my existing media server (Linux Debian running Mediatomb upnp media service).
  • hakesterman
    There is nothing wrong with Fat32 filing system specially for use of Video. Not only is it safe, but it's
    probably the easiest to work with, I am excited to use the new DVR feature that is comming.

  • captaincharisma
    hmm...a big hard drive that only can support the FAT32 file system. this drive is basically useless but at least you can use it to backup your PS3. which may be useless anyway if you have to get a new one or anything replaced in your PS3 because the backups will be useless.
  • Honis
    The PS3 has always supported larger hard drive upgrades than the 360 under warranty...

    Sony probably saw an opportunity to take advantage of a situation with its DVR release soon. I hope these hard drives don't make it to the states so I don't have to hear "But that hard drive isn't licensed by Sony for the PS3. You need this official hard drive" next time I go to Best Buy.
  • Gin Fushicho
    So can I actually back up my games and save files now? Because there are a few games that make that difficult as hell especially the newer ones.
  • JohnnyLucky
    Funny title for the article. Mine is bigger than yours!