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PS3-Compatible Phone Coming October

Years ago, there was rumor that Sony was developing a mobile phone based on the PlayStation Portable. Naturally, the company shot all those hopes and dreams down, however Sony has provided two items that, if combined together in a mad scientist's laboratory, could yield the same result using the PSPgo and the Sony Aino.

CVG has received word that the latter device--the Sony Aino--is set for an October release in the UK, however currently there's no sign of if or when the phone will actually reach our shores. What makes this mobile phone unique--at least for gamers--is that it can connect directly to the PlayStation 3 console using the Remote Play feature designed for the PSP handheld.

Unfortunately, the Aino has it's limitations: don't expect it to play PlayStation 3 or older games. However, the big plus is that it can pull up media stored on the console's hard drive, including music, TV shows, movies, and pictures (but no HD movies). Owners can also take control of the console remotely and surf the Internet using the PlayStation's 3 browser from anywhere around the world (or rather, wherever you have a legit connection).

Earlier this year Sony revealed its plans to expand the PlayStation Network beyond the PlayStation 3 and PSP. Don't be surprised to see Aino-specific content to hit the service when the phone ships in the UK this October. Stay tuned and cross your fingers that Sony will announce a North American release soon.