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PS3 Sales Grew 104% Thanks to Slim

Did Sony finally strike gold with the recent release of the PlayStation 3 Slim? According to sales figures generated in the week of August 23rd to August 29th, PlayStation 3 sales more than doubled thanks to the release of the new console: 104-percent to be exact. The prior week only saw 37,167 units sold but during that week, Sony sold a whopping 75,931 units, falling in second to the Nintendo DS which sold an impressive 123,709 units.

VGChartz points out that the PlayStation 3 Slim was not fully available at retailers that week, so it may be possible that the numbers will continue to be higher in the week ending September 5th as the newer, thinner console makes its way into every retail store across the nation. The site also reports that core game shops--GameStop, Best Buy, Gamecrazy and Amazon--saw a 200-percent increase in PlayStation 3 sales, while retailers like Wal-Mart and Target saw a 50-percent increase.

On a worldwide scale, the PlayStation 3 saw a 35-percent increase over the previous week, selling 109,485 units in Japan and other regions. The Xbox 360 fell into second place with a 29-percent increase, however the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation 2 actually declined in sales for the week. The Nintendo Wii and DS consoles also dropped in sales that week in North America, falling 4-percent and 11-percent respectively when compared to the prior week's numbers.