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Sony: Retrofitting PS3 Games with 3D Challenging

In the latest edition of Official PlayStation Magazine, Sony senior development manager Simon Benson said that the company plans to "retrofit" more existing games with stereoscopic 3D. However, converting the titles to the new format is much more difficult than developing 3D games from scratch.

"One of the big issues is that all of the game assets were designed to work with only one HD output," he said. "Being able to render them twice to make a 3D output can be a challenge."

Benson also pointed out that the game interfaces are often designed to only work in 2D. "The process used [to] covert the games varies greatly... so there isn't really a 'one size fits all' solution." This could be problematic, as the 3D effect could be ruined by a stubborn map overlay or health bar getting in the way.

The company recently announced that the stereoscopic 3D is still on track for Japanese PlayStation 3 consoles on June 10. Sony will also launch 3D versions of Pain, WipEout HD and Super Stardust HD at the same time--gamers who already own the latter two PSN titles will receive a free patch that updates the game(s) to the new 3D format.

Sony said that the firmware update will coincide with the release of its new line of 3D Bravia HDTVs. The company will launch a promotional campaign that will reward consumers with all three games and a 3D demo for Motorstorm 2 for free when purchasing a 3D Bravia HDTV.

As reported earlier, Sony launched the 3D-enabling firmware in the States back in April.