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Shanzai Creating PSP Phone Clone

Now here's an interesting little bit of news. Recently I reported that Sony Ericsson hinted to the PSP phone, saying that we'll know more about the topic in months to come. I predicted that the PSP phone will make its debut at E3 2010, however the device still remains as mere rumor until its actually made official.

To make the rumored phone sound a bit more grounded, Uberizmo reports that "clone colony" Shanzai is already working on a cheaper clone of the PSP phone. Given that nothing has been released to the public, there's a good chance Shanzai has received the final specs and is currently working to produce a product in time for the alleged PSP phone's launch.

It's all speculation of course, but as I've said in previous articles, Sony could put a real hurt on Apple by releasing a PSP phone. Backed by downloadable games and multimedia already available on the PlayStation Network, we may see a real battle on the mobile front by the end of the year... if the phone actually exists.

For that matter, if Sony has done its homework, we'll see a PSP-based touch-screen pad with a detachable mobile phone.