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Shanzai Creating PSP Phone Clone

Now here's an interesting little bit of news. Recently I reported that Sony Ericsson hinted to the PSP phone, saying that we'll know more about the topic in months to come. I predicted that the PSP phone will make its debut at E3 2010, however the device still remains as mere rumor until its actually made official.

To make the rumored phone sound a bit more grounded, Uberizmo reports that "clone colony" Shanzai is already working on a cheaper clone of the PSP phone. Given that nothing has been released to the public, there's a good chance Shanzai has received the final specs and is currently working to produce a product in time for the alleged PSP phone's launch.

It's all speculation of course, but as I've said in previous articles, Sony could put a real hurt on Apple by releasing a PSP phone. Backed by downloadable games and multimedia already available on the PlayStation Network, we may see a real battle on the mobile front by the end of the year... if the phone actually exists.

For that matter, if Sony has done its homework, we'll see a PSP-based touch-screen pad with a detachable mobile phone.

  • idisarmu
    ...if this plays psp titles, GREAT! Let's just hope it doesn't suck monkey nuts.
  • cscott_it
    Now if only there was some way I could convince my department director that I NEED a phone that can play PSP games.

  • zyrumtumtugger
    Shanzhai refers to the practice of copying a popular product, not a company.
  • im having an n-gage flashback
  • hack__you
    ^ just convince him that you both need it
  • Racist comments won't be tolerated thanks.

  • lashton
    much like your racist, arrogant stupid attitude, the "chinks" as you call them make some of the best products you use and wear fool!
  • tacoslave
    IF sony comes out with it we'll have a phone that can play some good games with decent graphics hopefully comes with a seperate usb umd drive.
  • stridervm
    A clone doesn't necessarily mean it has an exact identical featureset.

    Sadly, with this china phone it will usually just play 3GP files, play some built in Java games and then play MP3s. Usually it's just that.

    At least, I haven't seen any Shanzai phone that actually supports Symbian.
  • anamaniac
    hack__you^ just convince him that you both need itHmm... this just may work on my boss.
    'It's a completely legitimate business expense. And for full productivity, you should order two.'
    Though, this may not work, because I;m a labourer. =)

    Gimme 852x480 res, 256MB RAM, 32GB internal memory, microSD, 1GHz CPU, 3G wireless, a touchscreen, a second analog stick, and actually let us use it (software wise, it's locked tighter than anything else).
    Do these, and I'll scrounge up $800 for you. =)