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Sony's PlayStation Phone Caught on Video (Again)

Sony's PlayStation Phone made its video debut last week in a video from Greek blog Though interesting, the video was quite shaky and didn't show the all important, slide-out gaming controls and D-pad.

Well, lucky for you, the PlayStation Phone leaks are coming hard and fast. Here we have another video of the Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1. Aside from proving that this is the real deal (check out the PlayStation app icon), it confirms that this phone will run Gingerbread, the upcoming build of Google's Android OS, and sport a back-facing camera and LED flash.

We also get a very close look at the gaming controls for this puppy, and, as a result, confirmation that the device will incorporate a long, narrow touchpad instead of analog controls. We spy some shoulder buttons too!

Check out the video below.

Source: Engadget