PSP Clone Plays Famicom, MegaDrive ROMs

Not in the mood to hack the PSP? China Grabber offers a $90 clone that serves as an emulator, playing old classics found on Sega's MegaDrive, Nintendo's Famicom, and other classic consoles.

Called the PXP-900, this Mp5 player isn't merely a hardware emulator, but offers other features that should have come with Sony's PSP in the first place. But don't let its appearance be deceptive: the device doesn't have the capability to play PSP games, and honestly, it's a wonder that Sony doesn't crack down on the manufacturer for mimicking the PSP look and control scheme so close to the original.

According to China Grabber, the PXP-900 has an internal memory capacity of 2 GB, but is also capable of accepting SD cards up to 4 GB. On the video side, the device sports a 4.3-inch QVGA TFT LCD screen (320x240 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio), churns out 25 FPS  during emulation, and also offers a cool TV-out function. Additionally, the PXP-900 has a built-in camera, FM radio, a loudspeaker, and MP3/MP4 drag-n-drop capabilities; Sony's PSP doesn't feature any one of these items.

And unlike the PSP, the PXP-900's specs reveal that a built-in Ebook reader supposedly will read aloud any TXT file in Chinese or English. A movie bookmark feature will allow the viewer to return to the specified place in the movie at any time. There also seems to be a built-in microphone as well, recording sounds in WAV format. However, the lack of network information in the specifications probably means that that the device doesn't have Wi-Fi capabilities. This means that anything downloaded for the device--whether it's a console rom or a converted movie--can't be done across the network, but rather through a USB connection to the PC.

Of course, the built-in emulator is probably the device's biggest selling point. While the company didn't offer any specifics, the software is capable of running games from classic consoles including the NES, Famicom, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and Sega's MegaDrive; the emulator supports the 32-bit Super Famicom and MegaDrive CD-ROM (aka Sega CD in the States) games as well. While it's not apparent if the portable emulator will come packed with pre-loaded ROMs, the company did say that gamers can download additional titles. Are these games legal? We assume that's a "yes," however China Grabber did not provide additional details on availability, pricing, or method of acquiring the games.

Still, for roughly $90, consumers will get the portable emulator, a user manual, earphones, an AV-Out cable, a USB cable, and a power adaptor. The unit comes in four standard colors--black, white, blue, and red--and is powered by built-in rechargeable lithium batteries (notice the plural). Additionally, the PXP-900 works with Windows 98, 98 SE, ME, 200, XP, Mac OS 10, and Linux 2.4.2 operating systems; the company did not specify Windows Vista or the upcoming Windows 7 OS in the product details.

While we haven't checked out the device in-house, the specs certainly sound better than Sony's PSP in certain aspects, especially with the built-in camera, Ebook reader, and console emulator. ON a graphical level, the PXP-900 doesn't stand up to the PSP--at least not in a gaming aspect. In all actuality, the PXP-900's cheap price tag means that consumers could have the best of both worlds, especially if they already own Sony's portable gaming device.

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  • rags_20
    320 x 240 16:9?
  • thundercleese
    "the PXP-900 has a built-in camera
    , FM radio, a loudspeaker, and MP3/MP4 drag-n-drop capabilities; Sony's PSP doesn't feature any one of these items."

    The SONY PSP has stereo speakers and can play MP3s and MP4s. Honestly, has anyone who writes these stories even seen a PSP?
  • bustapr
    thundercleeseThe SONY PSP has stereo speakers and can play MP3s and MP4s. Honestly, has anyone who writes these stories even seen a PSP?PSP has stereo speakers that are not loud, not even at max volume. The PXP has mp3/mp4 drag and drop feature, the PSP does not have drag and drop.

    Honestly, this is a way better deal than the sony PSP. With a built in camera(which is very cool), fm radio, LOUD SPEAKERS, and an emulator for so many great consoles, for just $90, its great bargain. Besides, who uses PSP for networking, its too slow and its hard to navigate through the pages, even typing the websites on it is a frustrating task.

    My opinion is, Its way better deal than the PSP.
  • magicandy
    thundercleese"the PXP-900 has a built-in camera, FM radio, a loudspeaker, and MP3/MP4 drag-n-drop capabilities; Sony's PSP doesn't feature any one of these items."The SONY PSP has stereo speakers and can play MP3s and MP4s. Honestly, has anyone who writes these stories even seen a PSP?
    That's not exactly what the quote said. Loudspeaker =/= stereo sound. Also for playing Mp3s and Mp4s on PSP some setup for your memory card is required so it's not pure drag 'n drop like this device claims to use. It was worded oddly and not explained thoroughly, but the author of the article was probably just repeating what the PR spokesperson told them which is common in tech journalism.
  • 4c1dr41n4
    It really takes a real genius to drag the MP3s to the MUSIC folder and the MP4s to the VIDEO folder instead of just draging to the root of the Memory Stick.

    Besides, the PSP has STEREO loudspeakers, just look at the specs or listen to a song using a PSP. I have one, I can tell. It doesn't matter if you think they are not loud enough, they are still technically called loudspeakers. It's certainly much better to use STEREO headphones: the sound is much better, provided you use quality phones. But you get STEREO sound no matter what.
  • rooket
    Why are bootleg handheld devices always overpriced. $90? come on. You can probably buy a used premodded PSP for that much money.
  • The sony has a 800x480 16/9 screen?
    Also, how can you run games?
    And how can you install an operating system on 2GB internal space?
    I know an nlited XP can do the trick, but not many people know how to do that. They rather put their XP CD into the device and boot that.

    What's the factory default OS?

    What emulators does it support? (I suspect any that run on XP)?
    If it could play back PS2 games emulated that would be great!
    But I doubt they equipped this device with amore powerful processor than the PSP.
  • Zoonie
    There are plenty of model 2000 PSP's to buy on Ebay. For example here. Yes, double the price of the clone here. But with custom firmware it does all of the above mentioned things, plus additional things like Neogeo, Mame etc etc at a much higher resolution.

    Not to mention you can play Patapon or any other PSP game on it out of the box. ;P
  • nukemaster
    Well, its not like Sony could have ever got away with selling PSP with emulation of other systems. So those features while nice, are not a lacking for Sony, but a legal matter. Modded PSPs to allow emulation like this.
  • pender21
    You can buy used Sony PSP's for under $100 off Craigslist. My neighbor bought a PSP-2000 series and it works great for $85. Had Custom firmware on it but you can always pandora it.

    I have a PSP 1000 and still play legitimate PSP games everyday on my commute. With Custom firmware (which is very easy to install these days), you can install an emulator to play older generation console games. It has trouble playing some SNES games but can play some N64 games which is strange. Also, with the stock Sony firmware, you can play PSX games. You can also setup automatic download, convert and copy of Video (from Torrent Casts) and Podcasts which is great if you have a long commute and like watching TV shows or Podcasts.

    Since the PXP does not play PSP games, why is it so big and why does it cost $90. I would rather have a real used PSP for the same price rather than some half-baked Chinese toy.

    So for people who don't want to wait for a PSP Go (the PSP2 due out this Christmas), and want to try a PSP, you can get a real used one for $100. You can also rent games from (like netflix but for Video Games).