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Snag a 250GB PS3 for $299 While You Can

Sure enough, it seems that's exactly the plan, and with the discontinuation comes a special limited-time-only price for the 250GB model. Engadget received a picture of a 250GB PS3 going for $299 in a Fry's branch and the Fry's website has the same $299 deal on a 'while stocks last' basis.

In case you missed the news before, the new 160GB PS3 will cost $299, and the 320GB model will be available as part of the PS3 Sports Champions Move bundle. The 160GB model is available and shipping now, while the 320GB system will launch in conjunction with PlayStation Move on September 19. The bundle includes one PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, a copy of Sports Champions on Blu-ray, and bonus Blu-ray game demo disc. The total cost for this bundle is $400. No word on when customers can buy as 320GB console as a stand-alone product.

Source: Engadget