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CEO-to-be Details "One Sony" Plan for Struggling Company

Sony's Kazuo Hirai, who assumes the role of company President and CEO on April 1, 2012 will bring to the Sony throne a new management structure called "One Sony" that is expected to drive revitalization and growth across Sony's three core electronics businesses: digital imaging, game and mobile. With this new structure, Sony hopes to deliver compelling user experiences through convergence of the unique assets in place throughout the Sony Group.

Under Hirai's leadership, Masaru Kato (EVP, CFO) and Tadashi Saito (EVP, CSO) will oversee the Sony Group's overall financial management, corporate and business strategies. Shoji Nemoto (Corporate Executive Officer, EVP) will join Kato and Saito to oversee technology strategy while Kunimasa Suzuki (Corporate Executive Officer, EVP) will oversee product strategy. All four will report directly to Hirai while working with the heads of each business group, platform and headquarters function.

While digital imaging, game and mobile will be the three core pillars of its electronics business, Sony also plans to dump resources into research & development to discover the next big thing in the electronics industry. Shoji Nemoto will be assigned overall responsibility "to create new businesses and enhance the R&D operations that are the foundations for Sony's next generation of technological innovation." He will also "implement a process of stringent selection and focus in the area of R&D, to enable the Company to optimize resource allocation."

"As Officer in charge of the User Experience (“UX”) & Product Strategy and Creative Platform, Kunimasa Suzuki will assume responsibility for planning and design in relation to all consumer related products and services, with the aim of strengthening horizontal integration and enhancing the user experience across Sony's entire product and network service lineup," Sony announced on Tuesday. "He will also oversee the mobile business that Sony has identified as one of its core electronics business areas, including smart phones, tablets and PCs."

Hirai will directly oversee the Home Entertainment Business which includes the company's TV division. Tomoyuki Suzuki will lead the device and semiconductor businesses, and the core device R&D activities which support these businesses -- Suzuki will also be responsible for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Meanwhile Hiroshi Yoshioka, Corporate Executive Officer and Executive Deputy President, will oversee Sony's medical-related businesses which at one point had been dispersed across multiple units but will now be integrated into a dedicated medical business unit.

Sony summarizes the organizational changes that will take place when Hirai assumes the Sony throne on April 1, as followed:

* Consumer Products & Services Group ("CPSG") and Professional Device & Solutions Group ("PDSG") to be abolished.
* Home Entertainment Business Group to integrate personal audio business and be newly established as Home Entertainment & Sound Business Group.
* Personal Imaging & Sound Business Group, CPSG to be realigned as Digital Imaging Business Group.
* Medical Business Unit to be newly established.
* R&D Platform and Common Software Platform to be realigned as System & Software Technology Platform, Advanced Device Technology Platform and Corporate R&D.
* Quality Center to be integrated into Manufacturing, Logistics, Procurement and CS Platform and the platform to be renamed as Manufacturing, Logistics, Procurement and Quality Platform.
* UX, Product Strategy and Creative Platform, UX & Product Strategy Group to be newly established.

For more information about the corporate executive changes and management appointments, head here.