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MySpace Relaunches with Redesign and Justin Timberlake

Let's all take a trip down memory lane, back to the mid-2000s. Social network sites like Friendster and LiveJournal were still fairly popular, and above all, MySpace was shaping up to be "the thing."

Then, it felt like virtually overnight, MySpace petered out and Facebook became the ubiquitous social network. Goodbye Tom.

As of late, MySpace has been doing a lot of redesigning and internal testing. Users could catch a glimpse of the "Web 3.0" design that MySpace was working on, but getting to try it out was on an invite-only basis. Basically, MySpace is trying to be "stylish" and call upon the nostalgia of 2004.

The new redesign has now been opened to the public, though it's not clear when MySpace officially launched (or rather, there's been no official announcements yet.) Users keen to try out the new MySpace need only direct themselves to to meet the all-too-familiar mug of half Lonely Island, ex-pop star, and MySpace owner Justin Timberlake.

Those who've logged in will find that MySpace isn't itching to try to be a Facebook copy. That would be weird. After all, the log in page to the new MySpace allows users to sign in with their Facebook. Allowing use to a direct competitor for your site's login credentials would be just a little bit ludicrous. MySpace's new direction is more musician-oriented, which was pretty much what the website was already shaping up to be post the mass social media exodus to Facebook.

For those who just want a trip down memory lane, the new MySpace's log in page also has an option to preview the classic MySpace. Ah, yes. Let's not forget those awful, awful backgrounds.


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