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Microsoft Live Search GM Leaves, Replaced

Microsoft’s Live Search is something the company is hell bent on improving. Whether it’s buying Yahoo! or offering users cash in exchange for their using the service, Microsoft is always trying to find ways to get ahead in the search game. While the departure of the head of the department could be seen as a setback, particularly as the company decides what to do with the Kumo brand.

In a statement, a Microsoft spokesperson said Goldberg has decided to leave Microsoft to pursue an opportunity outside the company and that they were pleased to welcome Mike Nichols to the team.

However, those who think Nichols will bring completely fresh thinking to the role wouldn’t be 100 percent right. According to Seattle P-I, Nichols joined Microsoft in 1996 and has played a part in several different projects since including the planning of Live’s image, video, and news search services. The Microsoft Blog also reports that he headed up strategic initiatives for Microsoft’s search, portal, marketplace, and advertising groups and has led product management for Messenger and Hotmail.

So, despite the fact that the man who leads Live Search is jumping ship, it looks like the company already has the perfect replacement on hand to pick up where Goldberg left off. It’ll be interesting to see what the company and indeed Nichols, does with the recently acquired Kumo brand.