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LinkedIn's New User Agreement Specifies No Prostitutes

LinkedIn has upgraded its user agreement to include a clause about sex workers using the social media platform. Specifically, they're not allowed. reports that LinkedIn's most recent change to its user agreement, which was announced last week, stipulated that sex workers are not allowed to make profiles or use the site to promote their services. Interestingly enough, LinkedIn even prohibits sex workers from using the service even if it is legal in their country. "Even if it is legal where you are located, create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution," the user agreement states.

LinkedIn says that it never allowed prostitutes or escorts but that the revised user agreement makes that point more clear. However, one Australian sex worker told that this won't affect her business. Grace Bellavue is quoted as saying Twitter and Facebook are much better tools, and that the professional nature of LinkedIn isn't really suitable for soliciting customers.

LinkedIn isn't the only service to shun sex workers. Craigslist shut down its "adult services" section in 2010 following criticism that the classifieds section promoted prostitution.