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Kinect Scanners Help You Find the Perfect Clothes

No matter where you go, shopping for new clothes can be quite a hassle. Long lines, overcrowded shopping malls and depressing price tags are just a few of the many problems one might encounter on a shopping trip. Thankfully, online shopping has remedied many of these problems, but one problem remains: some clothes just don't seem to fit very well.

Thanks to British body-mapping firm Bodymetrics, the future of shopping experiences may turn out to be much more effective in quickly getting you in and out of the store. The Bodymetrics Pod is a system equipped with eight Kinect scanners that analyze your body based on a 3D model and categorizes it into different classifications. The current model splits you into one of three groups each with their own set of sizes and styles: Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby.

All you have to do is step inside the pod, get scanned and you'll be provided with a collection of clothes that are perfect for you. The company is currently working with Bloomingdales to have a trial run of Bodymetrics pods installed in their stores. Although the pod may not be as effective as a professional personal shopper, advancements in this field of technology may lead to a hassle-free streamlined shopping experience.