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Kinect-Controlled Robot Brushes Your Kitties For You

The Kinect has been used to create an incredibly vast array of hacks and mods that are groundbreaking, useless and everything in between. While this particular hack may be closer to the latter, at least it's something our cats will appreciate. Using a robot for menial tasks to improve the quality of life is a project that a number of engineers are tackling, but how about a task as simple as grooming your cat?

Software engineer Taylor Veltrop has come up with an interesting idea for anybody allergic to cats when he decided to program a remote robot to brush his cat. Using Kinect technology and a remote controlled robot, he is able to create what is called “telepresence” by grooming his cat (or petting it, brushing it, feeding it, etc) remotely. His movements are captured by the Kinect and translated to his robot in the real world (in the other room). While sounding simple, the success of such a project can have some larger applications once the technology is refined for more precise movements.