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Bendy Bike Wraps Around Poles for Safe Keeping

Having your bike stolen is really lame, and finding a lock that is effective but doesn't weigh more than you and the bicycle put together is difficult. Even if you do manage to find one, all it takes is one trip to a dodgy neighborhood and you've lost a wheel or a saddle. Perhaps it's time we tried a different approach to bicycle security.

Using a ratchet system, British designer Kevin Scott has developed a new breed of bike that can be wrapped around a lamppost, allowing the rider to lock both wheels and the frame before they set off on foot. When you're ready to go, you simply unlock your bike and tighten up the ratchet system.

The Daily Mail reports that Kevin's aim when creating the bike was securing all the bike's components within the lock. The 21-year-old's project also allows for more compact storage of a bike.

(via the Daily Mail)