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Japanese PS Vita Sales Continue to Set Record Lows

Since the Vita’s decent launch in Japan in Decembe

r of 2011, the handheld console’s sales have been steadily declining on a week-to-week basis.

When the Vita was announced at E3 2012, it was revealed that Sony was selling the Vita at a loss, hoping that an overwhelming volume would be moved so that it didn’t matter. Sony also touted an attractive starting lineup of consisting of Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout: 2048. Unfortunately, such a lineup largely appeals to North American and European audiences and not so much with Japanese audiences.

The Vita’s repeatedly been in the news for declining sales. This week, the PS Vita’s sales are down to 8,250 units, according to Andriasang, only edging out the Wii, which sat at 6,837 units. Not a good sign, considering the Wii’s a six year old console at the end of its lifeline.

On the flipside, the 3DS sits at the top of the hardware sales charts at 63,796 units sold. The 3DS, which had a lukewarm launch and was met by naysayers that deemed the handheld doomed. One price drop later, the 3DS has been performing consistently well.

Perhaps Sony can learn and benefit from Nintendo’s example. One can only hope that the Vita will see better days.