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Final Fantasy MMOs Shut Down in Wake of Quake

Game developer Square Enix on Sunday informed users that due to Friday’s earthquake and the ongoing problems Japan is facing with regard to damage to power facilities, the company has shut off servers temporarily in an effort to conserve power.

"Due to the continuous earthquakes occurring in the eastern regions of Japan since Mar. 11, 2011, the power companies in Japan have encouraged everyone to cooperate by conserving as much energy as possible as it is feared there will not be enough power supply," reads a blog post published to

"Based on the current situation, we have decided to shut down the game servers temporarily, and therefore to suspend services of FINAL FANTASY XIV, FINAL FANTASY XI, and PlayOnline temporarily."

Services will be suspended for at least a week, with the shut down beginning Sunday afternoon at 3pm Pacific Daylight Time.

"We will provide an update regarding the reinstatement of the service as additional information becomes available."

Square Enix assured players that they will not be billed for any PlayOnline service throughout the April billing cycle.

For a full list of affected services, see below:

- PlayOnline
- Friend List Plus
- FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community Beta Version
- PlayOnline Friend List Application
- Community Site Link Registration: Owner Menu
- PlayOnline Password Recovery
- PlayOnline Account Cancellation
- All activities requiring the confirmation of personal information

Square Enix has said it will continue to operate the official websites, FINAL FANTASY XIV Lodestone, forums, and the SQUARE ENIX Support Center in order to provide customers with updates on the current situation.