Ice Ball Mold Creates Perfect Shapes of Ice

If you have a lot of time on your hands and are looking to entertain your guests with some pretty cool (no pun intended) ice cubes, the Ice Ball Mold is the perfect invention to step up your bartending experience. Shipped directly from Japan, the Ice Ball Mold essentially uses gravity to melt a block of ice, turning it into a variety of different shapes using pre-cut aluminum molds.

The device uses two aluminum blocks that are pre-cut into different shapes, along with a cold-resistant wooden handle for easy handling. Users simply heat the aluminum blocks by placing them in warm water and sit back as gravity does the rest in a matter of seconds. The pre-cut molds come in a variety of different sizes and shapes such as the snow flake, ice ball, diamond, soccer ball, baseball, and water molecule molds.

The entire process seems like a whole lot of work to create something that is going to melt in a matter of minutes anyways, but to each his own. If you're willing to pay the hefty price tag for a few minutes of icy awesomeness, head on over to the Japan Trend shop where you can purchase your own ranging from $200 to $1700 depending on the shape and size.

Tuan Mai

Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles-based writer and marketing professional focused mainly on PC gaming and hardware. He held the role of Social Media Editor across Tom's Guide and its sister publications for more than six years, helping the sites grow their audiences and also contributing dones of articles, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.