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Hybrid SUV Concept Features Slick Design

Designed by Sunil Konjaril, this eco-friendly SUV concept is sure to make heads turn with its rugged edge, sporty curves and its nature loving philosophy. Without any sacrifice to the rugged nature of a powerful SUV, Konjaril's 4x4 hybrid concept manages to keep the environment nice and green with its dual combustion and electric engine.

Driving at speeds up to 40 km/h, the Genesis E utilizes its electric engine to save precious fuel resources while driving through the city. While speeding around in the hot sun, the Genesis utilizes its solar panel fitted roof to generate energy while using the internal combustion engine to generate enough power for higher speed acceleration. The electric engine will also be charged utilizing an external charging plug, and standard dynamos present on all four wheels.

A unique aspect of this concept also comes from the combustion engine's efficiency-focused nature. Utilizing a Stirling (heat) engine, the Genesis E combustion engine utilizes the expansion of gas at a high temperature. The heat used for this expansion is bountiful thanks to the internal heat storage tank that stores heat from the solar panels, engine, brakes, exhaust and car body panels. Although it is just a concept, we're hoping Konjaril's ideas get snatched up and made into real life applications. The Genesis E provides plenty of aesthetic pleasure to drool over. And this hot concept is even eco-friendly!