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Meet Honda's Micro Commuter Vehicle Concept

With a futuristic body, fancy led lights and cool styling, the Honda Micro Commuter Concept looks as though it came straight out of a science fiction film. Scheduled to be unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda's new concept features a tiny design, just small enough to weave its way through town on the daily commute.

Unfortunately not too many details have been released other than the incredible renders which can be seen here. The concept definitely looks good, but little performance facts were given other than the fact that the vehicles is set to run on electric power. In order to keep the size down, Honda's design features a central driving position with a single seat.

As the name indicates, Honda's Micro Commuter Concept is designed for short commutes and also comes with an electric powered scooter called the Honda Motor Compo. It even comes in its own nifty compartment inside of the Micro Commuter. For more information on the concept, head on over to the Gizmag page here.