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Google is Dishing Out Free WiFi for the Holidays

Some say it's officially the holiday season as soon as Halloween has passed us by, while others prefer to wait until Thanksgiving, or for Google's 'free in-flight WiFi' announcement. If you find yourself among that last bunch, then it's officially the holidays!

Google this week announced that its kind gesture from '09 would be making a comeback for the 2010 holiday period. The search giant has partnered with AirTran, Delta and Virgin America to offer travelers free GoGo WiFi on all domestic flights between November 20 and January 2.

"We were excited by the response from last year’s free holiday Wi-Fi program, and thought that this would be a perfect holiday gift to help you stay connected to your loved ones as you head home," writesSundar Pichai, VP of Product Management.

If you haven't ever used free in-flight WiFi, let me be the first to tell you that is an awesome way to pass the time. It also serves as an excellent buffer for particularly chatty seatmates. Also, free stuff!

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Source: Google