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Futuristic Eco-Car Made by Cardboard, Powered by Hydrogen

Utilizing a combination of cardboard and plywood, students from Aston University have created the ultimate hydrogen powered "eco car". A recent recipient of Shell's Eco-Design Award, the concept vehicle is scheduled to make its track debut at the Sepang International Circuit in Kuala Lumpur as it competes in the Shell Eco-Marathon.

Designed to be the urban car of the future, the vehicle offers incredibly high fuel efficiency combined with an environmentally friendly body that makes it truly a sustainable design. Although it may not be the first hydrogen fuel cell car, the team hoped to set this vehicle apart from the others with its unique body. 

The majority of the vehicle is constructed from multiple sheets of plywood with cardboard sheets sandwiched between them. In addition, the vehicle's tire covers consist of a bio-resin and hessian fiber mixture that contribute to the vehicle's sustainability. Because of the nature of the vehicle's components, the entire structure is collapsible for a quick and simple delivery. While this particular design may not jump into our minds when we think of futuristic vehicles, sustainable vehicles such as this one might just enter production in the near future.