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Google Voice Number Porting to Cost $20 + ETFs

Last night, word got out that Google Voice users now had the option of porting their own phone number. Google quickly clarified that this was a feature that was just being tested and not everyone would have access it right away.

"We’re continually testing new features to enhance the user experience. For a limited amount of time, we’re making the Google Voice number porting process available to users. We don’t have any additional details to share at this time, but plan to offer this feature to all users in the near future."

As you can see from the screenshots (via TechCrunch), porting your number costs $20. However, there’s also a big warning about the possibility of incurring early termination fees (ETFs) from your current carrier. This is because porting your number essentially terminates your phone service plan. As a result of this (and because Google Voice isn’t a cell phone provider), you’ll need to either sign up with a new carrier or re-sign with your current one for a new number and a new plan. Once that’s done, you can register your newly acquired number as a forwarding number your Google Voice account. From then on, any calls made to your old, ported number will forward to your new number.

Obviously, Google is testing this feature prior to a more widespread release, so it will be available to all Google Voice users in the future. Now, the question is, do you think it’s worth the money, and will you be availing of it when it becomes available to you?