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Google Launches Phone Service

Google today released a preview of Google Voice, an application designed to help you keep all of your phone calls neat and tidy.

Google in 2007 acquired a little service called GrandCentral and the service itself was pretty genius. Instead of not being able to reach your friend at work on his cell, later to find out that he called in sick and his cell was at the office, you basically dial one number, which in turn dials all three. GrandCentral users get one “uni-number” with an area code of their choice. All your voicemails are sent to a single message minder on the web (you could dial in too, if you weren’t near your computer).

Aside from the convenience of always being able to reach the people you care about, it also offered you the chance to accept, send to voicemail, send to voicemail and listen or pick up and record all calls as well as record a different voicemail message for each person in your phonebook.

Google announced today via its official blog that it will be rolling out the service to current GrandCentral users over the next few days. If you're already using GC, you will receive instructions in your inbox on how to start using Google Voice. Google is going to be opening up the service to others soon but there’s no specific date as of yet. That said, you can send your email address (here) and you’ll be kept in the loop as to when you might be able to use it.