Now You Can Climb the Eiffel Tower with Google Street View

Providing panoramic street level views of various different cities, Google's Street View service was impressive enough when it launched just over six years ago. Since then, though, the service has expanded to include so much more than just city streets and suburban roads, allowing users to visit penguins in Antarctica or the inside of Thomas Jefferson's house. This week, Google announced that Street View has gone up the Eiffel Tower.


Street View has had images of the Eiffel Tower for years, but now the service allows users to actually go up the tower. The Google Cultural Institute and the Eiffel Tower Operating Company teamed up to create three online exhibitions that cover the history of the Eiffel Tower. The first covers the birth of the Tower; the second covers the construction; and the third covers the opening of the monument and its first visitors.

Google's Street View imagery is featured in the exhibit and was captured using the Street View Trolley, which was designed especially for monuments and museums. It snapped 360-degree views of the monument’s architecture and its views over Paris. The company's Street View panoramas are complemented by 50 archival images, plans, engravings and photos that tell the story of the Eiffel Tower’s development and social impact in the 19th century. This includes a recording of Gustave Eiffel’s voice by Thomas Edison.

Check the exhibits (one, two, three) for yourself.

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