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Designer Creates His Own 'Project Glass' AR Glasses

Augmented reality—an idea that science fiction lovers and technology aficionados have been dreaming of for years, is being brought to reality. Project Glass is Google’s real world answer to the dream, unfortunately the hyper creative search giant cannot seem to release the mouth-watering product soon enough.

Slated to release sometime near the end of the year at a hefty price tag, the heads up display/augmented reality glasses can still be a ways off until your average consumer is able to get their hands on one. So what did AR developer William Powell decide to do when the wait became too much? Of course, he made his own.

Using “a pair of Vuzix glasses, HD webcams, a microphone headset, and a [custom] application written in Adobe Air,” he was able to create a hacked together version of Project Glass capable of making appointments, requesting music, and taking a picture and posting it to social networking web sites. However, the demonstration was only used from a stationary position, bringing doubt to whether it is fully capable of viewing the entire world with a heads up display in an augmented reality. Still, for a job from a much smaller organization than Google, it is quite impressive.