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Google's Jelly Bean Statue Melting After Less than a Week

Each time Google releases a new version of its Android operating system, the company places a commemorative statue on its front lawn. Last week, the search giant continued the tradition for Android 4.1 with a tub of giant plastic jelly beans with little Android arms and legs. Unfortunately, it seems the Jelly Bean lawn ornament hasn't fared so well in the California sun.

Despite the fact that the giant dish of froyo, the ice cream sandwich and other assorted treats seem to have lasted just fine, Google's Dan Morrill writes that Jelly Bean is just 'too ridiculously hot' and has started to melt. Not only that, but someone had the nerve to pilfer one of the jelly beans once the Android's delicious insides were exposed.

"Jelly Bean is so ridiculously hot that the JB statue overheated, and his head partially melted and popped off," Morrill wrote via Google+.


"And then we think somebody stole one of the jelly beans. People: please don't steal our jelly beans. Anyway, they've got the poor guy coned off now, for your safety but mostly for mine. But fear not, the designer is already working on a bug fix."

In case you missed it last week, here's the video documenting the installation of the Jelly Bean ornament at Google's HQ.

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