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Secret British Nuke Base Appears on Google Earth

Technology can get the best of us, especially when Nvidia cards keep switching names or the convenient Google Earth uncovers a secret nuclear military base... oops!

Google Earth has seen quite a bit of controversy, beginning with the British government's demand that Google blot out Iraqi-British bases seen on satellite images offered by Google Earth two years ago. Last month the drama ensued with the appearance of the mysterious Atlantis images. The pictures displayed what looked like a rough tracing of a city diagram, embedded into the rich blue Atlantic Ocean floor approximately 3.5 miles down. The semi-straight lines and square corners clearly showed that Google picked up something unnatural, thus provoking rumors that perhaps the software found the mythical sunken city of Atlantis. 

Now the tides have changed and Google Earth has actually picked up on something solid and unquestionable, however the structure it uncovered could lead to hard times for the British government. A close-up aerial view of Faslane, Scotland reveals the UK's secret Trident-armed nuclear submarine base, and even provides the longitude and latitude coordinates for all terrorists to enjoy and plummet with mortar attacks.

The images generated by the free Google Earth software (also available on iPhone and iPod Touch) even shows two Vanguard Class submarines, each capable of carrying 16 nuclear missiles. The program also illustrates the Trident Special Area located just ten miles away, the facility where the naval base's nuclear warheads are stored. If that werent' enough problems, the satellite images can also be used to locate the nuclear crisis HQ in Northwood, North London , the SAS training facility in Hereford, and MI6's London offices.

"A strike on our nuclear capability would cause untold devastation," a base official told The Sun. "Terrorists could have a field day, knowing exactly where to aim strikes to cause the maximum devastation.”

Google agreed to remove the Trident base, the SAS training camp and other sensitive government imagery. However, as of this writing, the locations are still visible on Google Earth, even listing the facility as HMNB Clyde with the coordinates listed below the image. So what gives? Is Google ignoring the British government? A spokeswoman representing Google declined to comment, however a MOD spokesman said that it is impossible to control all websites providing satellite imagery.

“If people are really determined to target these sites they can find these images and there is nothing we can do to stop them," he said.

Google Earth, a free application provided by Google, features historical imagery, ocean floor and surface data and simplified touring. Version 5.0 is currently available to download here.