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Google Chrome to Receive Search Refinements

Google has detailed changes coming to Chrome, with the company updating the developer's version of the browser to deliver search results more quickly.

Originally released to a small number of users utilizing Chrome dev for Windows and the developer's version of Chrome OS that have Google set as their default search provider, the changes have been applied to both the new tab page, as well as any searches typed into the location bar.

Google software engineer David Holloway said the changes are in response to those still navigating to their preferred search engine's home page as opposed to searching from the location bar.

Situated on the new tab page, the default search engine provider is capable of embedding a search box and "otherwise customize" the page, though the latter wasn't detailed by Google.

Elsewhere, in the omnibox (the URL field in the location bar), search engines can now depict search terms within the omnibox, excluding the requirement for a second search box displayed on the results page.

Search engine providers are now able to integrate the features through the new Embedded Search API, which is an extension of the SearchBox API. Holloway added that Chrome dev on Mac will receive the update in due course.

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