Google Chrome 23 Launched, Adds Do Not Track Support

Google has launched a new version of its ever popular Chrome web browser, which finally integrates Do Not Track support.

Chrome 23 has followed Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera in giving users the ability to choose if websites and advertisers can track their online activities.

As the Obama administration requested, users who update to Chrome 23 will now be able to enable or disable the DNT protocol option, which Google promised to implement into its browser earlier this year.

"This latest release also includes an option to send a "do not track" request to websites and web services," the search engine giant said. "The effectiveness of such requests is dependent on how websites and services respond, so Google is working with others on a common way to respond to these requests in the future."

Chrome 23 also allows users to control the unique permissions of select sites such as access to your camera, microphone and location by clicking the lock icon situated within the URL bar.

Download Chrome 23 here.

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  • Anonymous
    Apple's browers doesn't need to, as they're not as dependent on their ads etc as Google is.
    That's why the analogy is absent. Not that it fits here anyways.
  • marthisdil
    Who cares. I refuse to bother with Chrome again until they bring back SideTabs or allow Addon authors to modify the UI.
  • Pherule
    Two main reasons I pick Firefox over Chrome:

    1. "Don't load tabs until selected" feature
    2. You can disable automatic updates in Firefox

    I won't touch Chrome again until both those issues have been addressed. For the Chrome users out there, give Comodo Dragon a test spin. It's pretty much Chrome, just without the forced autoupdates or the privacy issues.