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Gearbox's Randy Pitchford: id and Crytek Will Fail

Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford seems to be in the mood to bash a few of his peers. Recently he lashed out at Valve Software, making wishy-washy comments that on a personal level, he trusts the company, but as a competitor, he doesn't see any trust whatsoever. Now Pitchford is attacking id Software and Crytek, emphasizing that eventually they may utterly fail.

The comment stems around id and Crytek's current approach to consoles, and how they really haven't prepared for this generation. To give an example, he offers up Crysis, a game he claims that many people couldn't play on the PC due to hardware requirements, thus it was difficult to market. He also said that Crytek couldn't bring it to the consoles because of hardware restrictions.

According to OXM, he moves on to id's shortcomings. "We see the id guys talking continuously about this, [with Rage] - 'well, Sony will have a Blu-Ray and I don't know what we'll do on the 360, maybe we'll have three DVD's... if the publisher will let us do that, maybe we'll errrrahh I dunno.' Because they're in this kind of "generation plus" mode, and like nobody knows what the generation beyond this one is going to look like," he told the magazine.

With all that said, it's expected that gamers will have to endure the longest console generation thus far. In addition to id and Crytek, he said that developers who built their strategies around the last generation timing--and are using those methods today--will need to adapt quickly or suffer failure.

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