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Garmin Nuvifone Finally Shipping in Asia

After nearly two years of waiting Garmin has announced that the Asus-built Nuvifone will ship to Taiwanese shelves on July 27. About time, you say? We hear you.

In May, Garmin announced that the device was delayed yet again. First appearing in January 2008 and slated for a Q3 release, it was rescheduled for a June 2009 release. With that deadline fast approaching, Garmin came clean and said we wouldn't see the phone until the second half of 2009.

At the time, Garmin COO Cliff Pemble cited the complexities of smartphones as the reason for all the delays. “Smartphones are complicated and bringing one to market that’s built totally from the ground up on a custom Linux platform is not an easy task.”

Well it looks like Asus and Garmin finally figured it all out. The phone that is. They haven't quite figured out when they're going to send the device this way but we'll let you know if we hear anything.

Anyone else getting tired of waiting? Let us know so we're not alone in our fast-fading anticipation.

  • vivekkurup
    Garmin! wow a satellite phone!!! hurraayy
  • grieve
    It is not Satellite is it??

    integrates a quad-band GSM phone with 3.5G data connectivity, a Webkit-based Internet browser, personal messaging, Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth and Garmin's proven personal navigation functionality

    How would it "send" to satellite?
  • grieve
    here is the Specs...;jsessionid=9205F0FD4CA5E33F06668BA9B1AF5178

    Everything an iphone 3Gs can already do... and other phones have been doing for years.
  • tenor77
    grieveEverything an iphone 3Gs can already do... and other phones have been doing for years.
    Except real GPS. Cell tower triangulation sucks for accuracy.
  • Greg_77
    tenor77Except real GPS. Cell tower triangulation sucks for accuracy.I believe the 3G and 3GS have real GPS antennas.