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Feedly Gains 500K Users Post-Google Reader Shutdown News

Google's announcement that it was shutting down Google Reader left many users mourning… and searching for free alternatives. Feedly, in the spirit of capitalism and well… plain business sense, enticed users with its seamless integration into Google Reader and its plans to build a Google Reader clone dubbed Project Normandy.

Plenty of Google Reader users heard the siren song and abandoned the sinking RSS Titanic… 500,000 of them. While 500,000 users might be nothing to a tech behemoth like Google, Feedly's been buying up new servers to keep pace with the influx. In order to keep the new users happy, it's made the ambitious promise to listen to suggestions and add a new feature to the service every week… at least for the next 30 days.

For those who aren't enticed by Feedly, no worries. Flipboard, Pulse, and many, many others are all vying for attention.


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