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Customizing Fan and Business Pages on Facebook

Apps to Add Social Features

Here are a few apps that create new tabs on your Page and are social oriented:

Social RSS: Lists content from the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds you choose. If you aren’t familiar with RSS, it’s a method used by many websites and blogs to distribute updates, news, and other content via a universal format. You can specify RSS feed addresses and their content will be displayed with applicable dates/times and links. You might use this to share your blog posts or news stories from your favorite sources. Facebook users can also subscribe to your feeds so they’ll see new content posted to their Wall, thus also visible and shared with their friends.

Tweets for Pages: Shows the tweets from the Twitter account you specify. Since only the name is required, this can be any Twitter account. It displays the basic info (Name, Location, URL, etc) and the amount of recent tweets you specify. This is a great way to let Facebook users and your fans know about your tweeting. Users can also hover over a tweet, click Publish, and then post it to their Wall to share it with their friends.

Reviews: Anyone (whether they “Like” you or not) can leave their comments and a starred rating about your products, services, etc. You and others can “Like” and comment on each review. This is a great way to receive testimonials and feedback.