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Customizing Fan and Business Pages on Facebook

Apps to Add Custom Content

Here are a few apps that create new tabs on your Page and let you display custom content:

Extended Info: Though you can’t create custom fields or content on your Info tab, you can on another tab with this app. Make up whatever fields and content you want: more details about your products, services, organization, etc. It even supports videos, images, music, and HTML. There are many other ways to display custom content like this (such as using iframes like we’ll discuss soon), but this method makes the process quick and easy if you like the formatting.

Add Google Map: This offers more than just displaying a customized Google map of your location. You can also share your contact information, including phone, fax, email, website, and address. Though these details can be displayed on your Info tab, this tab (named Contact by default) is more noticeable to users wanting to contact you or find your business’ location. You can also display a contact form for users to email you, and display an icon with links to your other social network profiles.

Poll: You can create questions with public polls. It can help increase Page activity and interaction. Get feedback, opinions, or even do market research. It even lets you download the results in a spreadsheet, which includes the user ID, name, date/time, gender, and selected option.