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Customizing Fan and Business Pages on Facebook

Creating a Username and Adding Photos

So your customers and fans can more easily reach your Facebook Page by manually typing in the website address, you should create a username. This shortens and simplifies your Facebook website address, such as instead of It also makes it more visually appealing when displayed on advertisements.

Unlike with personal Facebook profiles, not all Facebook Pages can have a username. However, the only requirement is that you must have at least 25 people that “Like” your Page. Then you can create your username by visiting If you’re just starting your Page and want a custom URL right away, you could setup a sub-domain pointing to your long Page URL if you have your own website and domain.

You can make your Facebook Page more visually appealing by adding photos or images. Your profile picture is one way. While it’s best to keep the width at or just above 180 pixels, the height can be much larger. You can create a rectangular graphic (a tower ad of sorts) and then you can choose the section to serve as your thumbnail that’s displayed along your comments and wall postings. You may want to work your logo or other identifiable mark into the graphic so it can appear in your thumbnail.

Customizing the 5 most recent photos shown on the top of your Page (when users view your Wall or Info tabs) is another way to add some visually appealing content. Even if you don’t have photos of events or people you’d like to upload, consider adding something that deals with your organization, even if it’s only stock photos.

If you have more than five photos uploaded, you can choose which five are shown on top when viewing the Wall or Info tabs by deleting them and re-adding them each time you upload more photos. That way they’ll always be the most recent, thus shown on the top. You can also control which are shown by hiding them: click the X on the photo when editing your page.