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Colorware Gives Your PS3 Slim a Paint Job

Those of you who plan on purchasing a PS3 Slim will have no choice but to accept that the gadget you're buying comes in black and only black. However, don't get yourself down over something silly like color because if you're willing to fling money at the problem, ColorWare will make it go away.

The company is offering custom paint jobs for PS3 Slims. You can purchase a pre-painted PS3 Slim from ColorWare for a price of $449. Failing that, you can send them your own and have them paint it in-store for $149. The nice folks at ColorWare will even paint your controller to match. Unfortunately, if you have more than one (and who doesn't, really) it's going to cost you an extra $30 per controller. Ouch!

Anyone even a little tempted? While I wouldn't spend the money myself, I'd be super pleased if someone were to buy me this as a Christmas gift. *puppy dog eyes *