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Microsoft Adds Tweets to Bing's Search Results

For a time, there were rumors that said Google was considering buying Twitter. Similarly, there is always plenty of press attempting to put a value on Twitter's real-time search, and apparently Microsoft thinks the first step toward adding real time data to Bing is adding the ramblings of celebrities using the service to search results.

The company yesterday announced that searching for prominent Twitter users on Bing will now return tweets as well as actual search results. Search Guru Sean Suchter announced the development via the Bing community blog.

"Today we’re unveiling an initial foray into integrating more real time data into our search results, starting with some of the more prominent and prolific Twitterers from a variety of spheres. This includes Tweets from folks from our own search technology and business sphere like Danny Sullivan or Kara Swisher as well as those from spheres of more general consumer appeal like Al Gore or Ryan Seacrest."

This new is kind of confusing to us. Despite the fact that we tweet (yeah, and we like it), if this 'initial foray' is going to evolve into adding more and more tweets to search results, it's going to put us off using Bing big time. 

  • captaincharisma
    twitter is the downfall of the internet. its just an alternate way of advertising now.

    but i prefer the team "twatted" than "tweeted" lol
  • 1ce
    I can see this being useful if they keep the amount of results small and relevent....aka only add credible sources or something like that.
  • eddieroolz
    captaincharismatwitter is the downfall of the internet. its just an alternate way of advertising now.but i prefer the team "twatted" than "tweeted" lol
    So true, hoaxes spread faster on Twitter than 4chan these days...
  • hixbot
    Who the hell cares? Quit posting product advertisement as news.
  • doomtomb
    So how is a search engine making my decisions for me again? If I search "Dog" what decision is it making?