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Man Captures 1000-foot Fall with GoPro Helmet Cam

Extreme sports are so-called for a reason. They're not exactly the safest of activities. Still, the vast majority of people partaking in these kinds of pastimes understand the risk and proceed for the rush, or the experience of doing something not everyone will get to experience. Of course, the advent of helmet cams like the GoPro make it possible for the more cautious among us to share in that experience without the risk. Unfortunately, they also capture the other side of extreme sports. The scarier side.

SWNS TV posted the video below to YouTube just yesterday. It shows 25-year-old Matthew Gough jumping off a cliff only to have his parachute fail. Gough, who was apparently traveling around the world taking part in extreme sports, fell 1,000 feet after his parachute got twisted. His helmet cam captured the whole thing and he, rather remarkably, walked away with only minor injuries. Check the video for yourself: