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Project Aeon: The Future of Augmented Reality?

Started up by Michael Harboun, Fabien Chancel and Akki Reddy Challa, the Aeon Project is a futuristic exploration into the world of augmented reality, and high tech marvels. Winning 1st place at the Imagina Awards for Best Design and Communication, Aeon provides an in-depth look at what could be the future of automated transportation systems.

The Aeon Project revolves around a futuristic vehicle-like pod that features a fully immerse augmented reality system. Incorporating a navigation overlay that updates itself in real time, the Aeon system brings a unique visual experience to transportation systems. It even allows users to learn about the history and important details of surrounding objects.

Working in conjunction with an automated driving system, users are able to sit back and enjoy the beauty of their surroundings, an augmented reality, or even an entire virtual reality experience. As you can see in the video, users can even embark on virtual "sky diving" expeditions while the vehicle safely navigates its passenger to their destination.