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Apple iPod Retrospective


Apple unveiled the original iPod Classic launched way back in October of 2001. Since then, it's been complete domination of the media player market, with more units sold (275 million through August 2010) than any other PMP/MP3 player manufacturer. Add in sales of over ten billion songs, five billion apps and over 250,000 apps available in the App Store, and you have an unstoppable force, with no known immovable object in its way.

It's been a long road for Apple over the last nine years, with four major iPod product lines and more product revisions than you can shake a stick at. How has each model changed over the years? How has storage evolved over that time? And battery life? Which model has seen the most dramatic change? It's time we take a trip down memory lane, load up some TLC and The Vines on that iPod Classic 2G, and see just how much Apple's lineup has really changed.

  • Necromas
    I don't see how anyone could justify buying an ipod shuffle with the Sansa clip on the market.

    Also, lol, $50 for a stocking stuffer!
  • mitch074
    I'm the proud owner of an iPod Mini: it has a long battery life (up to 15 hours), great shuffling, it's easy to use as I only need to copy/paste songs to it, it can playback many formats including FLAC and Vorbis, it can play games including DOOM...

    Well, if you can't do that with your own, it's because mine isn't much 'stock' anymore:
    - replaced battery, from 400 mA to 750 mA (almost double playback time)
    - replaced storage, from mini-HD to CompactFlash card (again, double playback time)
    - replaced firmware, Rockbox (with optimized Vorbis decoder, -20% CPU use).
  • EvilMonk
    Get your advertising for fake stuff somewhere else please :)
  • soo-nah-mee
    Nice article! (but:)
    When introduced in September 2009, the Nano was meant to be a replacement for the Mini
    Should be 2005.
  • cknobman
    NecromasI don't see how anyone could justify buying an ipod shuffle with the Sansa clip on the market.Also, lol, $50 for a stocking stuffer!
    True dat!!!

    Im sure the majority of the public dosnt go around buying $50 dollary stocking stuffers. In my family $50 is 1/4 - 1/3 of one of my childrens total xmas budget.
  • mitch074
    Changing the battery and drive HOWTO:
    Installing a firmware that can do MUCH more than the original one:
  • mitch074
    @EvilMonk (this time, with URLs):
    Changing the battery and drive HOWTOInstalling a firmware that can do MUCH more than the original one
  • My brother had one of those originals with the four buttons on top.
    The hard drive died in it and it is now sitting somewhere in my closet now.
  • For a casual market reader this is good info, Thank you!
  • redeye
    The 2g also can in 40g!.. Model number pe436a mp103... How about researching properly and give pictures of the. Very first iPod? . In otherwords wiki is a better article ... Way to go toms ! Sloppy job