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Apple Attempts to Step Ontop of Win 7 on Google

Looks as though Apple is taking advantage of Windows 7's release to gain a few bucks. Then again, the company may be feeling the heat from Microsoft's freshly squeezed OS ripped straight from the Microsoft tree. Whatever it may be, The Next Web has discovered an interesting tactic use by the Macintosh and iPhone maker although not unheard of nor all the surprising.

Apparently, Apple has purchased advertisements against searches on Google including "download Windows 7" and "Windows 7 download." TNW even includes a screenshot of Google's results, clearly showing Apple's advertisement in the yellow area. "Upgrading to Windows 7?" Apple asks in the ad. "There's never been a better time to switch to a Mac. Find out why."

Currently our tests using the same Google search terms resulted in absolutely no ads provided by Apple; the UK version of the search engine doesn't provide Apple adverts either. Perhaps Apple's ad doesn't appear with every search result--there's no telling how much the placement is costing the company. No matter the reason, we like a good scuffle, and apparently Apple does too, especially with its recent "Get a Mac" ads.