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$12.5K SafeCell App for iOS Most Expensive Yet

So what's the world's most expensive app found on Apple's App Store? According to Australian-based ASiQ Limited, it's the company's $12,500 SafeCell data app for consumers who also own a private jet.

Although shelling out over twelve grand seems quite a lot for an iPhone app, it beats having to fork over more than half a million dollars to install a conventional aircraft mobile phone system. ASiQ Limited CEO Ron Chapman said it was cheaper to tap into the on-board satellite link using a smartphone with a Bluetooth connection.

"Once we connected the mobile phone to the satellite link using Bluetooth, we ended up with a very inexpensive mobile phone voice and data solution," he said in a press release last week. "This a major breakthrough and the reason it’s all possible is we connect via Bluetooth, instead of the mobiles phone primary transmitter. In effect SafeCell delivers virtually the same features you receive from a conventional aircraft mobile phone system, but without the £320K price tag, roaming charges or additional 85Kg of weight."

Along with the app, consumers receive the company's proprietary software that controls the aircraft's satellite link and turns any existing aircraft server, laptop, netbook, cockpit tablet, or PC-oriented tablet into a mobile phone access point. Typically there's already some form of computer available on most corporate aircraft, however ASiQ Limited also offers the SafeCell SC-AP combined aircraft server and Bluetooth access point for an additional $10,000.

Chapman said that in addition to the iPhone app, SafeCell is available for BlackBerry, Nokia and all Symbian-based phones and PDAs-- the Android version will arrive soon. He also added that the iPhone version has a restricted Bluetooth capability that requires an additional configuration fee. "Hopefully one day Apple will see the light and provide full open access to Bluetooth," he said.

To learn more about the $12,500 iPhone app, head here.