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World's First 3D-printed Gun Fired for First Time on Video

Last week, Forbes brought us the story of Defense Distributed, a non-profit founded by 25-year University of Texas law student Cody Wilson. Last year, Defense Distributed set out to create the world’s first entirely 3D-printable handgun and last week we got to see photos of the finished product.


But you know what's better than photos? Video. Defense Distributed uploaded a video of its handgun, the Liberator, to YouTube very early this morning. The gun is shown being fired by Wilson and the video encourages users to 'Download Today' at Defense Distributed told Forbes last week that it planned to release the CAD files for the Liberator on and it has done just that. This means anyone with a 3D printer can technically print their own gun at home, regardless of whether or not they have a license to own one.

To see the Liberator in action, check out the video below:

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